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Law Offices of Mark E. Foster

Representing Clients Internationally & Domestically Since 1988

Meet Mark Foster

Mark Foster delivers business-savvy, aggressive, efficient, and effective results for companies around the globe. A lawyer with decades of domestic and international law experience and business leadership roles, he successfully manages businesses, investors, and employees. Mark often works in the startup space, helping to advise and manage companies through the transition from new venture to exit.

Mark’s accomplishments and skill have been recognized at the highest levels of business, government, and the law by clients and peers worldwide. Mark is a highly regarded leader in both legal and corporate settings whose deep well of experience allows him to guide and advise companies and boards of directors on a wide variety of matters.

Mark is a recognized leader in trade policy who has provided strategic and innovative insight in crafting laws and regulations as well as important policy pieces. Throughout his career, Mark has assisted multinational clients and advised American, Japanese, and European companies on commercial, regulatory, and trade policy affairs. Mark also brings years of experience working with the U.S. government on trade policy. His depth and breadth of knowledge benefits clients as they seek to operate or expand around the world.


Corporate Leadership

Mark Foster has helped businesses with a variety of needs, including transaction and litigation management, counseling companies from startup to exit, advising boards of directors, and serving in C-Suite or board roles including as an Audit Committee member.


Advising Businesses

Mark’s varied background allows him to provide advisory services to law firms, assist with mediations, act as an embedded advocate, and perform due diligence on behalf of law firms involved in a sale, merger, or acquisition.

Motorists on the Road

Economic Development and International Trade

Drawing upon decades of experience in international trade policy negotiations, Mark has helped governments and businesses design and conduct foreign direct investment, export initiatives, reshoring packages, and other economic development projects.

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