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Mark Foster

Mark E. Foster

Mark E. Foster is a successful corporate leader and highly experienced C-Level officer and company counsel operating  domestically and internationally. He helps businesses globally resolve business and legal challenges through innovative solutions. Clients in Silicon Valley and worldwide rely on Mark’s vast business and legal knowledge, diverse skill set, and extensive experience to help them achieve their goals.

Mark understands that finding the right solution for a legal or business problem takes patience, persistence, and a healthy dose of creativity. He has a proven track record as a successful manager of businesses, investors, and employees. 

He served as President, General Counsel, and Chief Financial Officer of Volumetrics Medical Imaging LLC, inventor of 3D real-time ultrasound medical imaging, for a decade. He also advised the Board of Directors and handled securities offerings, producing a substantial return to investors including Duke University.

Mark’s recognized leadership in Silicon Valley’s legal and business activities spans over three decades. Mark’s accomplishments are recognized at the highest levels of business, government, and the law by clients and peers worldwide.

For a more expanded look at Mark’s career, download his full CV.

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